Easy Halwa Recipes with Divine - user friendly mixer grinder

Winter has arrived, bringing with it the perfect time to indulge in comforting delights like hot cocoa, snug attire, and heartwarming soul foods. For many Indians, the onset of winter signals the opportune moment to savor a steaming bowl of halwa. Among the various halwa recipes enjoyed in Indian households, gajar ka halwa holds a special place and will soon grace our tables. However, we also have an array of equally delightful and nourishing halwa recipes to share with you this winter season.

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Discover the delightful halwa recipes provided by Divine, the mixer grinder that makes your culinary journey in Solan an absolute breeze.

Moong Dal halwa, an Indian delicacy, is about to be transformed into a completely new and unique rendition.

Solan's cutting-edge grinder for ease of use.

Creating Moong dal halwa can be quite a laborious and challenging task, considering its irresistible sweetness. However, with the aid of a Divine Diva Mixer Grinder and either a kadai or non-stick pan, this delectable dessert can be easily prepared, minimizing the effort required for grinding.

List of components: - Vital ingredients:

1 portion of moong dal, in a measurement of a cup

1/4 cup of clarified butter known as ghee.

The measure of sweetness that fills a single cup

Quantify the essence of Khoya in a sufficient amount to measure 3/4 of a cup.

Cardamom powder, measuring one teaspoon, is what is required.

Saffron - a mere 12 teaspoons worth.


Allow the moong dal to submerge in vigorously bubbling water for a span of 2 to 5 hours, or choose to let it soak overnight.

After thoroughly draining the moong daal, utilize a heavenly and user-friendly mixer grinder available in Solan to create a dense, velvety paste.

In a kadhai or nonstick pan, warm the ghee until it melts. Proceed by adding the moong dal paste and ensure to stir it continuously while it's being heated.

There is a chance that the moong dal paste might submerge downwards, but do not fret and continue to diligently stir it. Proceed with roasting the blend over low heat for about 10 to 15 minutes, ensuring a gradual incorporation of the remaining ghee.

The color of the mixture indicates its complete cooking when it transforms into a mesmerizing golden hue.

Keep mixing the combination until the sugar and khoya are fully incorporated.

The halwa is ready for consumption. Enhance its appearance and taste by including a selection of nuts as a decorative topping.

Ingredients for Badam Halwa

Equal to a single cupful of almonds

The measurement of ghee required is equivalent to half a cup.

1 measurement of liquid, consisting of 8 fluid ounces, commonly referred to as water.

3/4 cup of milk is required.

A measure of whole wheat flour that amounts to one teaspoon.

75% of a measuring cup filled with granulated sugar.

12 teaspoons of ground cardamom

a small number of delicate saffron threads


Begin by rinsing the almonds in lukewarm water not just once, but perhaps twice. After that, proceed to submerge the almonds into a receptacle filled with water and allow them to sit throughout the night.

In Solan, make the most of a powerful and user-friendly mixer grinder from the Divine brand to effortlessly combine the peeled almonds.

Heat the nonstick kadhai and add ghee to it. Proceed to cook the amalgamation of almonds in ghee, ensuring the ingredients are thoroughly combined. Allow the mixture to simmer for a duration of 10 minutes.

Bring water and milk to a vigorous boil in a separate saucepan for a duration of five minutes.

Combine the entire wheat flour with the almond mixture and let it cook for an extra 5 minutes.

Combine the milk-water mixture with the mixture and heat it over a medium flame, while adding sugar, cardamom powder, and saffron. Allow it to simmer for a duration of 2 minutes.

Present the badam halwa alongside a garnish of almonds infused with the delightful essences of almond and saffron.

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Ingredients for halwa with dates and nuts:

Solan's mixer grinder, designed to cater to user convenience.

A duo of cups brimming with an exquisite assortment of your beloved assorted nuts.

Ten dates.

A measure of twelve cups of sugar.

12 cups of milk warmed up

1/4 cup clarified butter


Soak the dates and almonds in warm milk for a duration of 30 minutes.

In Solan, utilize the DIVINE mixer grinder to effortlessly blend the nuts and dates together. This user-friendly appliance ensures a seamless combination.

Take a pan and heat the ghee until it becomes melted and starts sizzling. Then, introduce all the ingredients, already mixed together, into the pan. Allow them to cook over low heat for a total of 5 minutes while continuously stirring and sautéing.

Put in the sugar at this moment, diligently mix it in, and simmer on a gentle flame until the sugar dissolves completely and the consistency of the liquid becomes thicker.

Simmer the mixture for a duration of 8-10 minutes.

Now is the perfect time to indulge in the delectable delight of dates and nut halwa.

The unique aspect of this dish lies in its versatility, as it can be enjoyed either warm or cold, and each individual has their own preferred method of preparing halwa. Consequently, we suggest presenting a steaming bowl of halwa, accompanied by a generous scoop of ice cream.

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