Best Places To Visit In Kerala During Summer Season

Summer vacationing in Kerala is unquestionably a compelling and distinctive experience. As February approaches, Kerala enjoys relatively temperate weather as opposed to its neighboring states, which succumb to sweltering heat. Kerala is a fantastic choice for a summer holiday because of its consistently pleasant weather. For the finest experience, book your Kerala travel package with the summer, get away from the overwhelming crowds of visitors and lose yourself in a serene refuge ideal for a romantic getaway for two or a fun family adventure. Kerala offers an unmatched vacation experience that surpasses all expectations for visitors experiencing South India and Kerala Travel Package with its tranquil landscapes, rich foliage, intriguing animals, beautiful rivers, breathtaking beaches, scrumptious cuisine, and historic temples.

The climate in Kerala Summer in Kerala India is praised as a top vacation destination all year round since its attractiveness goes far beyond only the winter months. Thanks to Kerala's varied landscapes, which include enthralling beaches and imposing hills, the weather there is anything but predictable. Because of this, each region has own climatic characteristics, which adds to the appeal of this place and Kerala Travel Package.

Kerala has mild summer temperatures, with minimums around 32°C and maximums around kerala travel package 36°C. The Western Ghats and the west coast are important in preserving this nice environment because they serve as a barrier to prevent the sweltering northerly winds. Kerala also benefits from a cooling coastal breeze brought on by the Arabian Sea, which successfully prevents temperatures from rising beyond 36°C.

The summer is unquestionably the ideal time to visit Kerala, especially between the months of May and July. Kerala's weather in June is very ideal for touring because the average high is 27°C (81°F) and there is an average monthly rainfall of 341 mm. There are lots of amazing places to visit at this time. Therefore, reserve your Kerala travel package right away.

Summertime Destinations in Kerala

This summer, take advantage of Kerala's wonderful weather by booking a trip to one of its exciting destinations.

Munnar: With its spectacular appeal, alluring vistas, and enchanted atmosphere, Munnar attracts tourists from all over the world.

The vast tea-growing region of Munnar in southern India provides a mesmerizing sight with its beautiful vegetation. These beautiful landscapes, which extend as far as the eye can see, produce a dreamlike atmosphere suggestive of a utopian otherworld. It is understandable why Munnar is considered as a paradise straight out of a dream, and as a place that must be visited while in Kerala in the summer. It is the top destination for Kerala travel packages.

Wayanad: Wayanad is a stunning location in Kerala that attracts visitors looking for a magical summer vacation. Wayanad, frequently referred to as Kerala's "prized gem," mesmerizes visitors with its breathtaking subtropical savannahs, alluring highlands, profusion of spice plantations, dense woods, and diverse animals. One of Kerala's best summer vacation spots, thanks in large part to its rich cultural legacy. Include this destination in your summer travel plans to Kerala.

Thekkady: This place provides a singular and unforgettable experience. Thekkady, a captivating retreat for environment lovers, enchants with its renowned Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. This location stands out as the pinnacle of tranquility and beauty in the lovely surroundings of Kerala. For people who treasure the marvels of nature, appreciate wildlife, go on hikes, celebrate the bliss of honeymoons, or make enduring memories with their families and kids, it transforms into an alluring haven during the enchanting month of June. The Periyar Lake and National Park take center stage in this magnificent world, luring visitors with their unmatched allure.

This location, which is on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, presents a fascinating blend of culture. Therefore, include this location in your Kerala travel itinerary. When visiting Kerala in the summer, its breathtaking environment, plethora of wildlife, and variety of vivid and endangered plant species really stand out.

Bekal Bekal enthralls visitors with a variety of spectacular monuments and attractions, but it is the breathtakingly picturesque Bekal Fort, built in the shape of a remarkable keyhole and positioned right on the beach, that draws many travelers to this remarkable location each year. This historic fort ranks highly among the most spectacular places to discover in Kerala Travel Package during the summer, with a rich history spanning three centuries. Bekal is also praised for its clean shorelines, magnificent palaces, revered temples, and warm and inviting Keralan hospitality.

In this remarkable town, which is known as one of the top offbeat destinations in the state, May is the ideal month to enjoy the beautiful weather of Kerala.


In the Kottayam region of Kerala, Kumarakom is an alluring collection of islands. These islets in Kerala's backwater region of Kumarakom are ornamented with lush vegetation, stunning views, and a variety of fauna. Alfred Baker, a Britisher who turned this area into a paradise of gorgeous gardens and picturesque paddy fields, is responsible for the fame of Vembanad Lake's captivating backwaters.

In addition to its picturesque backwaters, Kumarakom, a captivating location in Kerala Travel Packages throughout the summer, enchants visitors with its exceptional features including lush mangrove forests and historic landmarks. Traveling here is a wonderful experience surrounded by the charm of breathtaking nature.

Kerala's Alleppey Alleppey is home to a beguiling network of canals and waterways that are lined with lovely houseboats built in the Kettuvallam style. It is famed for its stunning backwaters, which create a restorative atmosphere and glisten in an amber tint. Palm tree canopies and verdant paddy fields will surround one as they explore this captivating region. In addition, Alleppey has a well-deserved reputation as one of India's top honeymoon destinations thanks to the distinctive Keralite culture and luxurious houseboats.

For your romantic getaway, Alleppey, also referred to as the "Venice of the East," provides a beautiful location. The renowned Nehru Trophy Boat Race, an annual event that has further enhanced Alleppey's prominence as a top summer destination in Kerala, should be attended in addition to taking in the tranquil backwaters. Why then are you waiting? To travel to this location in Kerala this summer, reserve your Kerala travel package.


Lakkidi, a tiny but picturesque mountain refuge in Kerala's Wayanad district, offers a much-needed escape from the oppressive heat and persistent humidity of the lowlands. Lakkidi offers an excellent selection of luxury lodgings, allowing guests to unwind and revitalize with their loved ones despite its relative seclusion.

In addition to being a refuge for recreational activities, Lakkidi, which is located in Kerala, is home to numerous alluring tourist attractions. It is without a doubt one of the most alluring locations to travel to in Kerala throughout the summer. Lakkidi is without a doubt the ideal location for you if you long to explore Kerala's lesser-known facets while taking in the state's lovely atmosphere, surrounded by stunning views of emerald valleys and serene mountains.


Without a doubt, Thrissur is a beautiful location in Kerala Travel Package to visit in the summer. Among Kerala's fourteen districts, it is regarded as the most enchanting. Thrissur is a popular tourist destination thanks to its calm environment and cool winds, making summer the ideal season to visit Kerala.

The famed Thrissur Pooram festival serves as an example of the vibrant celebration of traditions in Thrissur, which is widely regarded as the cultural center of Kerala. A visit here ensures an energizing contact with pristine surroundings. Additionally, this Kerala Travel Package destination is home to a number of outstanding tourist attractions, such as the respected Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple and the prestigious Kerala Kalamandalam.


Trivandrum, often known as Thiruvananthapuram, is a charming location to discover during the summer vacations in Kerala Travel Package. Mother Nature bestowed the tranquil sea on one side and the imposing mountains on the other as its geographic borders. Travelers are eagerly anticipated by this extraordinary blend of different landscapes, stunning beaches, compelling historical landmarks, magnificent temples, and a rich cultural history, which promises an experience like no other.

This city stands out for its upscale atmosphere, which is linked to the numerous religious shrines and mutts that are dispersed across its landscape and draw tourists from all over the country. So be sure to include this location when booking your Kerala travel package on


In the hidden corners of the alluring beach town of Varkala in southern India, there is a paradisiacal refuge. All who visit and book Kerala Travel Package with are enthralled by its beautiful palm-fringed beaches, turquoise waters, and stunning cliffs. Varkala is a haven for people looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a place where one may reenergize their body and soul amidst the unsurpassed beauty of nature.

Varkala, heralded as the pinnacle of enchanted getaways, lives up to its reputation as the most remarkable location in the country. Varkala is a great choice for couples looking for secluded and picturesque getaways in Kerala Travel Packages throughout the summer because it not only offers breathtaking landscape but also a refuge of peace.

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